Small Fast Measured

Curious you should be

This project started as a way to learn about this new technology I had heard about, called Deno. From there, my fascination with the runtime grew into a drive to create and see what was possible using Deno as my base runtime. After a couple weeks of using it, I found that I had created an effective architecture for developing and deploying a viable static site using nothing but Deno, Deno Deploy, and Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a simple link included via the Bootstrap cached package on jsDelivr. If you don't want to use Bootstrap, the link can simply be removed from the Html due to how Deno handles modules and dependencies in deno. So these could be replaced or removed entirely depending on your needs. From there, I decided to pare back what I had written for my own site into a static package allowing anyone to spin up a global website or app in about half an hour using Deno. I hope you enjoy the project. It does not claim to be anything more than a passion project. Check me out on GitHub or Twitter for more information.