Oday is a small, fast JS framework built on Deno. It quickly allows you to deploy an extremely performant website using Deno and Deno deploy. It uses Bootstrap 5 as a toolkit for creating templates and consistent experiences using class-based styling. Once you use the template, you are free to use whatever modules can be included in Deno proper and some cross Deno/Browser modules. Currently, Bootstrap is the only dependency in the project. Because of the nature of Deno's dependency management, simply removing the Bootstrap inclusion is all that is required to remove this dependency. Due to the nature of Oday, you could just remove that entry in the Oday.YAML data modal or toggle Resource enable flag. More on this later.

This has been in development for all of 2-3 weeks, I plan to use it to build out some of my own personal projects. That said if you have an interest and want to fork this template and try it out you'll find all the info you need in the Oday GitHub repository.