What is Deno and Deno Deploy?

Deno is a modern runtime built to run JavaScript and Typescript, it was developed to mirror many of the browser concepts. this creates a sense or parity between browser and server-side development. It has a focus on performance and security, Deno limits the access your code has to core systems unless permission is given otherwise. This protects systems that have no need to be exposed for the current project. For example Deno is not allowed to access the filesystem (reading or writing files) unless the permissions is explicitly given.

The second piece that drives Deno even further forward is in my mind. Is Deno Deploy, Deno Deploy is a modern scaling JavaScript runtime developed for Deno. It allows you to deploy your Deno applications to the edge of the web globally using only a GitHub repository with your Deno project and one page of simple configuration in your Deno Deploy dashboard. Ok, so that sounds pretty cool; how much does it cost? So here is the craziest part it's free! While there is a pro account which I happily pay for, the free version has more than enough bang to run an excellent production-level application.